Report card for outgoing gov't ministers

Education, health, and agriculture ministers will not be missed by public

livnat resign sign 298.8 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
livnat resign sign 298.8
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Livnat tenure saw 16 budget cuts in 5 years Much to the relief of educators, administrators, and the general public, poorly performing education ministers - unlike failed students - are not held back until they improve. Following her resignation from the government, outgoing Education Minister Limor Livnat bade ministry executives farewell on Sunday, citing her lack of personal popularity as evidence of her success in making necessary changes in the country's education system. Yet, while few people would dispute Livnat's status as the country's least popular education minister in recent memory, even fewer would concede that her current lack of popularity is a measure of her success. Read more » Naveh ineffective in pushing reforms There probably won't be many in the Health Ministry and the medical system shedding a tear over the departure of Dan Naveh as health minister. Most of them, who have seen a rapid turnover of health ministers - about 13 in the last two decades - much preferred Naveh's predecessor, Shas's Nissim Dahan, who had to leave when Shas abandoned the coalition. Although he had no medical expertise and is the member of a party not known for its deep involvement in medical issues, Dahan showed great intelligence, commitment and single-minded dedication to the issues as minister, and he continued to fight for patients as an MK, having formed a health lobby in the Knesset. Read more » Most farmers say Katz made their work more difficult Farmers welcomed news of Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz's abdication Sunday, with one calling his tenure "the period in which relationships within the agricultural sector deteriorated to a low unprecedented under any other agriculture minister." "Katz was a minister whose primary occupation was politics. He forfeited the whole subject of agriculture in Israel," said Israel Farmers Federation secretary-general Yusta Bleier, characterizing his tenure as "tough years" for the sector. The Kibbutz Movement said a "serious break that weakened the entire agricultural sector and made the reality in which farmers operate in Israel even more difficult" formed between Katz and the country's agricultural organizations. Read more »