Report: Russia tracking IDF movements

Intelligence allegedly gained from listening posts passed on to Hizbullah.

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Russia maintains listening posts along the Syrian border with Israel which it uses to follow IDF movements in the Golan Heights, it was revealed Thursday night. According to a report on Channel 2, the posts are manned by Russian military officers who pass on information to Hizbullah in Lebanon. Israel, The Jerusalem Post learned, has known about the posts for over a decade since they were established. Russia's involvement in the Iranian nuclear program, as well as various state-of-the-art arms sales it has periodically made to both Syria and Iran, has caused some friction over the last few years in Russian-Israeli ties. Diplomatic officials said that the while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert discussed with the Russians during his visit to Moscow in October the advanced Russian arms that were found in Hizbullah's possession during the summer's war in Lebanon, the issue of the listening posts was not brought up. Russia most recently drew Israeli ire after completing a sale of advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Iran earlier this month.