Report: Shelters in northern Israel unready

Shelters in the northern Israel are not ready for the event of war, according to a report published on Sunday by the Prime Minister's Office. According to the report, only in February 2007 the Home-front Command set the standard to which shelters need to comply. Despite the fact that already in September 2006 the Ministry of the Interior alerted local authorities that it was within their responsibility to bring the shelters up to compliance standards, and in December the same year NIS 450 million were allotted for this purpose, many shelters are still in an inadequate state. During the second Lebanon war it was found that there were not enough shelters to protect all residents evacuated from their homes. The PMO ordered setting up a team that would review the condition of shelters and issue recommendations regarding bringing the existing shelters up to security standards, as well as building new ones. The team is expected to finish its work by May 2007.