'Right wing march could lead to deaths'

State rejects Marzel, Ben-Gvir petition for Umm al-Fahm procession.

The State Attorney's office rejected a petition for a right-wing procession in Umm al-Fahm on Wednesday on the basis that it could lead to violence and loss of life.
Petitioning for the demonstration against the Islamic movement in Umm al-Fahm were right-wing activists Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel, as well as Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari.RELATED:Marzel, Ben-Gvir get approval for Rahat marchDate for far right Umm el-Fahm march announced
This is not the first time prominent right-wing activists Marzel and Ben-Gvir have attempted to hold such a march in Umm al-Fahm. 
Marzel and Ben-Gvir received police approval and held a similar march in Umm al-Fahm in March 2009. 
During the Umm el-Fahm march, rock-throwing and violent clashes with the town's residents prompted riot police to respond with stun grenades and tear gas. Sixteen policemen were lightly wounded, including deputy police chief Insp.-Gen. Shahar Ayalon.
Some 2,500 officers flooded the area, forming a human shield around the approximately 100 marchers and their leaders, Ben-Gvir and Marzel.
Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.