Road accident report

2 killed and nine injured in accident; Man's legs amputated by train

Two people were killed and nine injured overnight in a collision between a car and a commercial vehicle on Highway 60 between Shiloh and Tapuah. The car's driver, Michael Lipshitz, 40, of Shvut Rahel, and his passenger, Mottel Mezus, 38, of Shiloh, were killed in the collision. Two survivors were evacuated by helicopter in serious condition to Beilinson Hospital. The rest were evacuated in fair to moderate condition to Jerusalem's Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center. The accident apparently occurred when the car, driving from the direction of Tapuah, swerved out of its lane while on a straightaway, and collided frontally with the commercial vehicle, which was traveling in the opposite direction. Traffic inspectors were investigating the circumstances leading to the collision. At the Kerah Junction, meanwhile, a Rishon Lezion resident was struck by an oncoming train after he disregarded the warnings of a nearby security guard and mounted the tracks. According to eyewitnesses, the man's legs were amputated by the force of the impact. The Israel Railways guard who attempted to stop the man told police he believed the victim was under the influence of drugs. Police forces, including the commander of the Ramle station and transportation inspectors, arrived on the scene of the accident to begin initial investigations, while the victim was hospitalized in serious condition.