Rockets continue pounding northern Israel

idf artillery 298 88 ap (photo credit: AP )
idf artillery 298 88 ap
(photo credit: AP )
Heavy barrages of Katyusha rockets rained down on Nahariya, Karmiel, Safed, and Rosh Pina on Saturday evening, wounding several people and causing extensive damage. One Karmiel resident, who was driving at the time the rocket struck, was seriously wounded by shrapnel to his neck. Rescue crews treated at least 11 other people for shock, and all the wounded were evacuated to the hospital in Nahariya. A Nahariya resident was reported moderately wounded after ten rockets landed in the northern coastal city and was also evacuated to the hospital, Magen David Adom reported. In Safed, one woman was seriously wounded and three lightly wounded after their home was struck by a rocket, Channel 10 reported. A second rocket hit an area containing a number of cellular antennae. No one was wounded, but the extent of the damage caused was unknown. In the western Galilee, fires continued to burn after breaking out as a result of rockets that landed in the area earlier Saturday afternoon. Rocket barrages across northern Israel wounded sixteen people, one moderately, on Saturday. Well over 100 rockets were shot at several cities in the Northern and western Galilee and the Galilee Panhandle. Between 30 and 40 rockets landed in the Kiryat Shmona area. A home was damaged by the strike, though most of rockets struck roads and open areas. In the first barrage, late Saturday morning, two rockets, launched from Lebanon, directly hit two residential buildings in Karmiel. One person was moderately wounded in the attack. Three rockets landed in Safed, though no one was reported wounded. Other rockets landed in Nahariya, the Golan Heights and other places in the Upper Galilee and Galilee Panhandle. Firefighters were working to extinguish fires ignited as a result of the attack. MDA reported of 10 people wounded in the first strike. In Karmiel, one person was moderately wounded, one sustained light wounds and four others suffered from shock. In Kiryat Shmona there were four people who suffered from shock. Alarms were also sounded in Afula, Migdal Haemek and Nazareth Illit. Residents of Haifa and the surrouding communities were urged to take shelter in secured areas. No rockets were spotted in those cities. On the previous evening, three homes were hit directly by Katyusha rockets that fell on Nahariya, police said. No one was hurt in the attack, despite the fact that residents were inside the homes that were hit. According to local police, the residents were saved by the fact that they were inside the protected area in their home. At least three rockets also fell near the city of Haifa on Friday afternoon as alert sirens sounded in Nahariya and Rosh Pina. Police and the IDF's Home Front Command ordered all residents to enter bomb shelters and protected rooms. In the early afternoon on Friday, 26 people were wounded after rockets fired by Hizbullah landed in Haifa. One rocket scored a direct hit at the fourth floor of a residential building and managed to penetrate into two other floors of the same building. An empty post office branch was also hit. Two of the wounded were in moderate condition, another was lightly wounded and the rest suffered from shock. The wounded were evacuated to Rambam and Bnei Zion hospitals in the city, a MDA spokesman said. Shortly after, rockets also landed in Safed, Hatzor and Kiryat Shmona, though no one was reported wounded at those sites. Firefighters worked at extinguishing a fire that resulted from the strike. Sirens warning of impending rockets also sounded in Tiberias and later in Karmiel, though no rockets were reported to have fallen. Over 20 rockets were launched into northern Israel on Friday, most of which landed in open areas. One person was lightly wounded in Rosh Pina, Israel Radio reported. As city workers labored at clearing the damage from the barrage, a second bombardment of rockets landed in the area. One of the rockets landed in Kiryat Yam and two others fell in open areas. According to initial reports, no one was wounded in the second attack. Channel 10 reported that the water supply in the north was damaged by the attack. The barrage followed a relatively long period of quiet after the previous bombardment on the Galilee that started on Thursday afternoon ended by night-time, with no rockets fired at Israel overnight. In total, about 40 rockets have been fired at Israel on Thursday. A total of 116 rockets were fired by Hizbullah at Israel on Wednesday. Earlier, a series of rocket attacks near Moshav Avivim on the Israeli-Lebanese border sent residents into bomb shelters. Five rockets also landed in the Upper Galilee in a renewed rocket assault from Hizbullah cells in south Lebanon. Five rockets also landed in Safed and two Katyushas fell near Tiberias. No casualties or damage were reported in any of the attacks. Residents of Nahariya and the Galilee north of the Acre-Amiad road were instructed Thursday morning to remain indoors, inside fortified rooms or bomb shelters. Earlier on Thursday morning, an alert siren sounded in Tiberias warning residents to remain in protected areas. A warning siren in Haifa early Thursday appeared to be connected to rocket falls elsewhere, since there were no reports of rockets hitting the city.