School opens in Holit for former Netzarim settlers

The children of some 40 Netzarim families, who had been scattered across Israel since their evacuation from the Gaza Strip, began the school year Monday in a school specially set up for them in Kibbutz Holit in the western Negev. The 50 families moved to Moshav Yevul in the western Negev's Eshkol Strip last week, while work was ongoing to turn Holit's cafeteria into a learning institution. Walls were mounted to divide the large open room into classrooms serving first through eighth grade. The new school's staff is made up of teachers formerly employed at Netzarim's school Noam Netzarim. Noam Netzarim originally opened after a closure was imposed on the settlement at the beginning of the current Intifada, after Palestinians ambushed schoolchildren on the way to school in nearby Neve Dekalim with gunfire and explosive devices. At the time, Netzarim's parents decided in conjunction with the Ministry of Education to establish a school on the grounds of the settlement, according to the Gush Katif website.