Scientists to study pollution in Haifa

"The war took all the issues of Haifa and put it on the stage."

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haifa 88
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Environment Minister Gideon Ezra has gathered a team of 30 academic and practical scientists to analyze the air pollution problem in Haifa. The team, which has members from the fields of chemical engineering, health, air science and the atmosphere, will give its advice on what future action should be taken. The team will investigate exactly what type of pollution is taking place and the effects it has on air quality and on the health of the residents. The team will have a few weeks to research and investigate and then will report their findings and recommendations to the minister. "The war took all the issues of Haifa and put it on the stage," said the minister's spokesman, Ofir Kohl. "We're trying to take one issue at a time because the war set us back very far." The Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology took upon itself the task of being part of the team. The head of the team will be Avnimelech Yoram, who was the first top scientist for the ministry. Also aiding the team is Peter Preuss, a member of the pollution damage assessment area in the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.