Sderot-based NGO snubs Knesset prize

Members of a Sderot-based non-profit organization refused to accept the Knesset Speaker's Prize for Quality of Life on Tuesday, walking out of the ceremony in protest of the government's inability to stop the barrage of Kassams on their community. A chairman for the groups said, "we cannot accept a prize for quality of life in a place where lives are not protected." The organization, "Gvanim," provides employment opportunities to disabled people from Sderot and the surrounding area. When called to accept the prize during a ceremony at the Knesset, organization activists turned it down, revealing shirts sporting the slogan "We want life in Sderot." Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik responded by saying, "Although you refuse to accept the prize, we are glad you came to the Knesset - which is your home too - and that you are conducting your protest in a civil manner."