Sderot residents can vote anywhere in Labor race

More than 1500 Labor members who are residents of Sderot and other communities near the Gaza Strip will be allowed to vote in any polling station anywhere in cities across the country in Monday's Labor primary, the party's central elections committee decided Tuesday. The committee had decided on Sunday to permit the Sderot area members to vote in only three polling stations outside the region. Incumbent Labor leader Amir Peretz's campaign appealed the decision, which could have harmed his effort to get re-elected. Former prime minister Ehud Barak will make his second public statement since the race began on Thursday in an event for his campaign team at Labor's Tel Aviv headquarters. Barak is expected to attack his main competition, MK Ami Ayalon, at the event, which will be held under the banner "Vote Ayalon, get Bibi as prime minister."