Search for parachutist called off

Reports said Israeli civilian possibly kidnapped after landing in PA area.

Security forces all but called off a search and rescue operation for a civilian parachutist who had reportedly landed in the area, saying that initial reports of the parachutist being kidnapped by Palestinians were likely false. IDF and Police officials added that they had received no report of any missing Israeli civilians. Helicopters and IAF fighter jets, which were part of the search operation were called off, and ground forces were reduced to soldiers on look- out from permanent IDF positions in the area. Security officials said that after three hours of searching, not even a parachute had yet been found. During searches of the area it was reported that remains of a parachute were found, however, those only turned out to be remnants of a Palestinian Authority election campaign banner. Security forces had entered the village of E-Shyoukh, east of Halhoul - which is south of Hebron - on Sunday, to search for the parachutist. Security forces who entered the village were met with resistance and pelted with stones, military sources said, but the search was continued.