Second officer of Zim Asia freighter indicted

The state on Thursday filed an indictment in the Haifa Magistrate's Court against the second officer of the Zim Asia freighter, a Montenegrin national, Filestro Zadrabfako, charging him with causing death by negligence for having collided with a Japanese fishing boat and causing the deaths by drowning of seven fishermen. The incident occurred on September 28, 2005 as the freighter was sailing near the Japanese island of Hokkaido on its way from Seattle to South Korea. Even though he saw several fishing boats in the sea nearby, Zadrabfako allowed the other sailor on the bridge with him to leave his post to do other work. According to the indictment, Zadrabfako acted with over-confidence when he let the other sailor go when there were so many fishing vessels in the nearby waters. The officer's lawyer, Shmuel Keinan, charged that the authorities were discriminating against his client because he was a foreigner. He pointed out that the state did not file any charges against the captain of the boat.