Seductive thief nabbed for sex scam

28-year-old allegedly seduced dozens of middle-aged men with promises of sex, stole cash from them while they showered.

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A 28-year-old woman was under arrest Thursday for allegedly seducing dozens of middle-aged men with promises of sex, and then stealing thousands of shekels in cash from them while they showered, police said. The alleged thief, a resident of Abu Ghosh, would flirt with the men at various Jerusalem cash machines after they had just made a cash withdrawal, and then suggest they have sex at a city hotel, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. After checking in to the hotel, the woman would ask the men to shower before they had sexual intercourse, and would then make off with her victims' money while they were still in the shower, he said. The woman, who by court order cannot be named, was arrested in her home on Wednesday night after one of her victims filed a complaint with police. The police found the woman hiding in a closet. Police found NIS 20,000 in cash in her home. During her police interrogation, the woman confessed to carrying out "dozens" of similar acts of theft in both Jerusalem and other major Israeli cities, police said. The woman, who has a criminal record, allegedly carried out the crimes while she was serving an eight-month suspended sentence for two previous thefts. A Jerusalem court turned down a police request to immediately jail the suspect for her suspended sentence. The woman was remanded in custody for five days on Thursday, while the police complete their investigation.