Sela investigation won't blame superior officers

Karadi, IPS chief appear at Sela probe; report: District chief cmdr. knew about failures.

karadi pondering 298.88 (photo credit: Ori Porat)
karadi pondering 298.88
(photo credit: Ori Porat)
The Yaron Commission probing the escape of serial rapist Benny Sela is expected to file a report of their findings on Thursday, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday morning. The committee is unlikely to press for taking disciplinary steps against high-ranking police officials, and instead will focus on holding in contempt those that were directly responsible for Sela's escape, ranging from the Tel Aviv District prisoner escort unit to the district's operations commander. On Tuesday, the heads of both the police and the Israel Prisons Service were under the microscope, as Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi and IPS Chief Warden Yaakov Ganot appeared to offer testimony. The commission - whose proceedings have been kept under tight-lipped guard since it began to operate a week ago Sunday - is expected to come down strong against lower and mid-level police officers, particularly in the Tel Aviv District, for a series of errors that enabled Sela's escape. Hours after the testimony, a Channel 10 report revealed that Tel Aviv District Chief Cmdr. David Tzur had known about critical failures in his district's prisoner escort unit as early as February - ten months before Sela's escape. Tzur allegedly visited both the magistrate's court from which Sela escaped as well as the prisoner escort unit, and while documentation noted that serious manpower issues would prevent the unit from carrying out assignments, allegedly did nothing to correct the situation. Sela, in fact, was the fourth prisoner this year alone to escape from the Tel Aviv District's prisoner escort unit.