'Sela's handcuffs were unlocked in van'

Yaron Commission says serial rapist changed clothes immediately after fleeing.

sela banner gr8  (photo credit: Channel 2)
sela banner gr8
(photo credit: Channel 2)
The Yaron Commission, probing the escape of serial rapist Benny Sela, estimates that the escaped convict opened his handcuffs, which were already unlocked, in the van on the way to the courthouse from where he fled, Israel Radio reported on Friday. It also emerged from the commission's findings that Sela changed out of his prison uniform immediately after he jumped over the wall of the courthouse compound. Earlier Friday, commission member Miki Barel told Army Radio that the aim of the Yaron Commission was not to blame individuals but to examine the shortcomings of the Israel Police in Sela's escape, adding that "focusing on individuals is a mistake."
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  • Analysis: A wild goose chase for cops Meanwhile, Israel Police chief Insp.-Gen Moshe Karadi has established an internal police inquiry commission that will formulate ideas on how to deal with those individuals responsible for the serial rapist's escape. Karadi decided that expansive searches for Sela would continue next week and that all the required resources would be allocated towards catching the rapist. Israel Radio reported that at the end of Thursday's situation assessment, Karadi ordered the reinforcement of emergency telephone service centers in order to answer calls from the public at a faster rate. This weekend, thousands of Civil Guard volunteers are set to join the hunt for the escaped convict.