Serial rapist caught in Holon

25-year-old confesses to indecently assaulting 10 young girls in Holon parks.

rape victim 88 (photo credit: )
rape victim 88
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A suspected serial pedophile rapist was apprehended Wednesday thanks to the watchful eyes of two of the man's seven-year-old victims. The 25-year-old Holon resident is believed to have raped at least 10 girls in public parks in the city, preying on pre-pubescent girls between the ages of four and ten. The two elementary-school students were leaving a community center Tuesday when they noticed the man, and identified him as the man who had assaulted them last week. They ran and told one of the girl's mothers, who in turn notified a city security guard who was patrolling the area. The security guard, who works for a private company contracted by the Holon municipality, called for police assistance, and initiated a foot pursuit after the suspect. After the suspect was apprehended and arrested, police brought him in for questioning - where, according to Ayalon Subdistrict police officers, the suspect was all too willing to confess to his crimes. He reportedly said that he was attracted to pre-pubescent girls, and that the attraction was aided by the fact that, according to the suspect, girls that young were unlikely to tell their parents about the attacks. He also reportedly detailed physical characteristics of victims that he sought out. Police described Wednesday a terrifying MO, in which the suspect would lure little girls behind bushes in public parks, sometimes with their mothers standing only meters away. After verbally enticing them to come towards him, he allegedly would attack them, raping and sodomizing them. Police said that they believe that at least 10 girls were attacked in this manner in the course of the past month, but would not rule out the possibility that there were even more girls who had fallen victim to the rapist. As of Wednesday night, however, only four girls and their families had come forward to file reports with the police. The suspect's remand was extended by seven days at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court on Wednesday and police said that he would also be taken for a psychiatric examination. A gag order was slapped on specific details in the case, including anything leading to the identification of the suspect or of any of his young victims.