Sheetrit says he will run for Kadima top spot

Interior Minister Meit Sheetrit said Monday that he will run for head of the Kadima party. "If Olmert steps down following the Winograd Committee report, I will run for sure. I have wanted to be prime minister for years," Sheetrit told Army Radio. According to Sheetrit, if elections were to be held he would overcome his political rivals, including Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. "I could wager that …I would win," he declared. The newly appointed interior minister rejected the claim that he had opted to take the portfolio in order to gain control of local municipalities, thus wresting support away from rivals in the party. "I did not appoint myself," Sheetrit said. "I actually preferred to go with the finance [portfolio], an extremely difficult post where you find yourself at odds with many bodies and organizations."