Shin Bet investigates death threats to judges

Fax threatens to "execute a judge soon."

 The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) has become involved in an investigation into the latest death threats directed against judges, The Jerusalem Post learned on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, a hand-written fax was sent to the Courts Administration director, Judge Moshe Gal. The message, signed by “The group,” threatened to “execute a judge soon,” with shoulder-launched LAW missile and machine guns. It described judges as “lowlifes and trash.”
A law enforcement source told the Post, “This fax is being taken seriously and it is being dealt with.”
On Monday evening, Gal spoke at a remembrance ceremony for Tel Aviv District Court registrar Adi Azar, who was shot three times after pulling up in front of his Ramat Hasharon home on the evening of July 19, 2004.
Two men, Yitzhak Zuziashwili and escaped convict Rafi Nahmani, were convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison.
“I won’t say how many threats judges receive in Israel for securityreasons,” Gal said during the memorial, according to Ma’ariv.
“These things occur several times a day,” he said, adding, “The judges of Israel are not deterred by threats.”
Gal said an escalation in threats has been noted in recent months, andcalled for all relevant authorities to coordinate efforts to preventanother murder of a judge.