Shin Bet probes ex-Katif spokesman

Shternberg accused of sedition, incitement in calling for draft refusal.

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shternberg 88
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Eran Sternberg, former spokesman for the Gush Katif region, was under investigation Tuesday morning by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) on suspicions of sedition and incitement. It was believed that he openly called for widespread refusal to enlist in the IDF because of the disengagement. The Shin Bet claimed that Sternberg was hindering its investigation because he refused to come to an interview, to which he was invited in order to clarify suspicions of incitement to illegal and violent action against security forces and minorities. Sternberg denied the allegations, saying that he had "always been against violence" and had "spoken out against violence at every opportunity." On Tuesday morning, several policemen knocked at his door and put him on a train to Rehovot, where a Shin Bet officer interrogated him for about half an hour upon his arrival at the station. "Orange [anti-disengagement] youth have nothing to look for in the army, since it peels away their personality without them feeling it," said Sternberg in an interview Tuesday with Army Radio. "My call is to send out a potent message to a military system that is in my opinion rotten, and that we should not agree to be a part of a future destructive process [i.e. evacuation]. The orange public's mission is to fix the army in all fields and to force it to protect the citizens of the State of Israel." Prior to the disengagement, Sternberg lived in the Gaza settlement of Ganei Tal. As spokesman of the Gush Katif Regional Council, he was one of the settler movement's primary voices during the disengagement. Today he lives in Yad Binyamin and is the television director of Channel 7.