Shlomo Goldwasser: 'I slept, but I hope Nasrallah didn't'

"I slept last night, why shouldn't I have? I only hope [Hizbullah leader Hassan] Nasrallah didn't sleep," said Shlomo Goldwasser, father of captured IDF reservist Ehud Goldwasser on Wednesday morning, some two hours before the long-anticipated prisoner swap between Israel and Hizbullah. Speaking to reporters in Nahariya, Goldwasser said that the family couldn't wait "for this whole thing to end." Goldwassser said that he didn't know anything about the captured reservists' condition, exclaiming, "if Hassan Nasrallah's greatest achievement is to leave us uncertain, then I pity him and the Lebanese people." Regarding convicted killer Samir Kuntar, who was waiting at an IDF base in the North ready to be transferred to Lebanon as part of the prisoner exchange, Goldwassser said he "pities" the Lebanese people if they believe the death of some 800 of their troops and the collapse of their country was worth it, all for the release of this "wicked little man."