Soldier critically hurt in gun accident

Armored Corps soldier shot in neck at base in North after colleague's weapon accidentally discharges.

A soldier from Battalion 77 of the Armored Corps was critically injured on Tuesday after he was accidentally shot by a fellow soldier who was cleaning his weapon in a base in the North. Earlier in the day, an IDF officer on reserve duty in the South sustained moderate wounds after a mine he was working to neutralize exploded. The reserve officer, from the Engineering Corps, sustained injuries to his hand during a training exercise at the Tze'elim Base in the south. In the afternoon, at an IDF base along the Lebanese border, a soldier from Battalion 77 was critically wounded after he sustained a gunshot wound to the neck from a bullet accidentally fired by a fellow soldier who was cleaning his weapon nearby. Military Police were alerted to the scene and launched an investigation into the shooting and a colonel was appointed by the Northern Command to probe the incident. The wounded soldier was airlifted to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.