Soldiers who refused mission removed from combat

OC Central Command Maj.Gen. Yair Naveh ordered that three soldiers of an elite IDF unit who refused to participate in an operation in Jenin to nab Islamic Jihad fugitives be transferred to administrative positions outside their unit and that the unit commander be ousted from military service. On November 23, Naveh temporarily suspended the four soldiers from operational duty for refusing to participate in the military operation and launched an in depth investigation into the circumstances that led to the soldiers' decision. On Monday after reviewing the findings of the probe he declared his decision. The IDF Spokesman noted that the rest of the soldiers serving in the elite unit would continue their operational duty in the territories as usual. Prior to setting out on the mission, the four soldiers informed their commander that they were unable to participate in the raid, stating they feared for their lives. They explained to their commander that their feelings stemmed from a recent operation they participated in which was carried out under constant Palestinian gunfire. While the rest of their unit participated in the Jenin operation the four remained behind.