Some Labor ministers to oppose inquiry commission

Although the government is expected to approve the Winograd commission of inquiry into the management of the war in Lebanon on Sunday, ministers from the Labor party have voiced their intent to oppose the committee's establishment when it is put to a vote. Minister-without- Portfolio Eitan Cabel (Labor) said in an interview with Army Radio on Friday that he planned to vote against the commission, as he believed the rift between the public and the government would not be healed by the government inquiry commission that Olmert wanted. Cabel said he was aware that fellow Labor Party members Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Culture and Sport Minister Ofir Paz-Pines, and Education Minister Yuli Tamir also planned to vote against the committee. While he did not yet know the intentions of ministers Isaac Herzog, Shalom Simhon, and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, "I would be happy if the Labor ministers would vote as one on this issue," he said.