South demands tourism compensation

Hotel owners bordering the Gaza Strip want similar treatment given to North.

The tourism industry outside of the Gaza area called on the government Tuesday to allocate them the same compensations allotted to their counterparts in the north. Hospitality businesses in the settlements around the Gaza Strip have not even met 10 percent of their occupancy maximums for several months, and many have emptied out completely, sources reported on Tuesday. This was the sad reality for many settlements, some of which were not even located within the range of Kassam rockets. Nonetheless, the public still considered these places a danger zone around the Gaza Strip border. The government appropriately compensated the owners of similar hospitality businesses in the north, but seemingly forgot these institutions outside the Gaza area. Tourism companies in this region claimed that damage to their income was even more severe than that of their northern counterparts. Furthermore, businesses in the north would presumably continue working once the conflict died down, but for residents in the south, this was irrelevant, as a solution to the Kassam firing had not yet been found.