Stabbing attack foiled in Gush Etzion

Policeman disarms Arab who allegedly nears hitchhiking point wielding knife.

knife 88 (photo credit: )
knife 88
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A stabbing attack was thwarted by a policeman at Gush Etzion Junction on Tuesday morning. The police officer, from Hebron District Police, identified an Arab man armed with a knife, approaching a hitchhiking point at the junction and stopped his car to apprehend him, police said. The policeman approached the suspect and told him to throw down the knife. When the man refused to obey the order the policeman fired in air before disarming him with the aid of IDF troops at the scene. No one was wounded. The suspect, a 28-year-old resident of the West Bank town of Beit Pajir, was arrested and detained by police for interrogation.