Stanley Fischer named one of world's top 10 bank chiefs

Bank of Israel governor receives "A" grade in 'Global Finance' annual Central Banker Report Card along with colleagues from Turkey, Korea.

stanley fischer (photo credit: Louise Green)
stanley fischer
(photo credit: Louise Green)
Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer was named again as one of the world's top ten central bank chiefs in Global Finance magazine's annual Central Banker Report Card.
Fischer was given an "A" grade along with colleagues Durmus Yilmaz (Central Bank of Turkey,) Lee Seongtae (Bank of Korea,) Jean-Claude Trichet (European Central Bank) and Glenn Stevens (Reserve Bank of Australia).
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New York-based Global Finance grades central bank heads in 30 selected countries on a scale of "A" to "F" for success in areas such as economic growth goals, inflation control, interest rate management and currency stability.
Every year, Global Finance tries to assess the determination of Central Bankers to stand up to political interference and their efforts at forcing their governments to spend less, and to open their economies to foreign investment and financial services.
Saudi Arabia's Muhammad Al-Jasser scored a "B" grade which was an improvement from 2009's "C" grade.
Ben Bernanke, representaive for the US, scored a "C" grade which is the same score he received in 2009.