State Attorney's office against Dirani appeal

The State Attorney's office on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court for permission to appeal against a lower court decision rejecting its request to turn away a lawsuit filed by former Lebanese hostage Mustafa Dirani. Dirani filed the suit, charging that he had been tortured in a secret prison. He was held in jail by Israeli authorities for 10 years, from 1994 to 2004 in the hopes that he could be returned in a prisoner exchange for IAF navigator Ron Arad. Arad was shot down over southern Lebanon and temporarily held captive by Dirani. The state claimed that in accordance with a principle of Anglo-Saxon law, one does not hear lawsuits from an enemy. Tel Aviv District Court had rejected the state's argument, although it ruled that if damages were awarded to Dirani, he could not receive them until there was a peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon.