State seeks to expand scope of Hypnosis Law

As well as for security, proposal also grants individuals the right to be hypnotized for their own needs.

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hypnosis 88 good
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The Justice Ministry on Wednesday proposed amending the 1984 Use of Hypnosis Law to allow use of the technique to include safety and security debriefings in addition to police and security investigations, which are already covered by the original law. The amendment also grants private individuals the right to be hypnotized for their own needs, for example to help a person remember where he misplaced something of value to him. It also allows the authorities to hypnotize minors, the mentally ill and others in situations in which hypnosis could help them. The bill includes measures to protect the person undergoing hypnosis. For example, if a person under hypnosis says things that are self-incriminating, the investigation or debriefing must be halted immediately. Another addition to the existing law clarifies that facts revealed under hypnosis can only be used by investigators as leads to be followed up or material that requires verification. The statements made by a person under hypnosis are not regarded as true facts and cannot be used as evidence in court. If there is a suspicion that the hypnotic procedure itself was improper, the court may hear the videotape of the session behind closed doors. No one else, except the attorney for the person who was hypnotized, may watch it.