Stories of the Eilat bombing victims

Family and friends mourn the deaths of the three men murdered in Monday's terrorist attack.

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Ami Almaliah, 32, married and a father of two, was part-owner of the bakery that was targeted in Monday's suicide bombing. Almaliah, son of two long time Eilat residents, was born and raised, and eventually killed, in Israel's southernmost city. Yossi Almaliah said that his brother Ami dreamed of opening a chain of bakeries in the resort city: 'The city of Eilat lost one of its finest citizens, a married man and father of a 4 year-old daughter and a 2 year-old son," Yossi told Army Radio. According to NRG, in his IDF service Ami traded the sun drenched beaches of his hometown for the peaks of the Golan when he was accepted to the IDF's elite Alpine unit, and from there he went on to join the ranks of the Golani infantry brigade. After the army he stayed active, and friends said he could be found every Friday on one of Eilat's soccer courts His devastated friends and family described a cheerful, ambitious man and a loyal friend, who they said simply could not say 'no' when someone was in need of assistance. "We are angry that the best people are the first to go," his friends told NRG. "Never did he do harm to anybody, and in the end he became the victim of a terrorist act. The country needs to act immediately and not let the terror organizations to operate, and to make sure that infiltrators will not be able to enter Israel so easily." Almaliah will be laid to rest at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the cemetery in Eilat. Michael Ben-Sa'adon, 26, was married to his wife Shani soon after he moved to Eilat from his native Acre two years ago, and recently he became the proud father of a baby boy. He was murdered in the bakery that he owned together with Almaliah. Shani, who met Michael while he worked at an Eilat supermarket, described her deceased husband to NRG as "an amazing father, a great boss, a good person, a real man and a truly hard-working individual." Like Almaliah, Ben-Sa'adon dreamed of becoming a self-employed business owner. His family described how he left for work at bakery each day at five in the morning, only to return late in the evening. He was just beginning to realize the fruits of his labor when the 21 year-old suicide bomber from the Gaza Strip walked through the doors of his beloved business Monday morning. He will be laid to rest at 3 p.m. on Tuesday in the new cemetery in his hometown of Acre. Israel Smuliah, also 26, arrived from Peru on aliyah several years and had just started working at the bakery only a few days prior to Monday's attack in order to supplement his income. According to Army Radio, Smuliah also worked as a linen washer at a hotel in the city. His family received the bitter news of his death in Miami, Florida where they are currently residing.