Students vandalize hotel on 'Walk of Living' trip

Two Israeli high school students got drunk, vomited and smeared excrement on the walls and furniture in their hotel room in Warsaw, Poland during their school's annual "Walk of the Living" trip to Holocaust concentration camps earlier in the week. The hotel demanded that the students, from Tel Aviv's Ironi Daled High School, each pay $ 1,700 compensation for the damage they caused to property. School principal David Lavon, who accompanied the class trip, told Ma'ariv that "the students and I are ashamed of what happened." Lavon added that prior to the trip students were required by the school to sign a contract forbidding them to drink or smoke during the trip. Furthermore, according to Lavon the school also disallows "problematic" students from joining their classmates, but that the two students in question are considered good students from "good homes."