Subliminal ads OKd for cable, satellite

Product placement will not be allowed in news or children's programming.

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television 88
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Cable and satellite channels will now be permitted to include subliminal advertising in entertainment, reality, and soap opera programming, the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting decided Thursday evening. Subliminal advertising will be launched for a six-month trial period on channels 9, 24, and Moreshet, which is due to begin broadcasting soon. However, advertising will not be allowed during news, documentary, investigative, or children's programming, or during movies, Army Radio reported. Cable and satellite stations are required to notify viewers of subliminal advertising content. In addition to the message aired on each program, council regulations dictate that any channel intending to include a subliminal advertising element in its broadcasts run information explaining to viewers the financial significance of product placement. CCSB regulations further stipulate that subliminal advertising must be clearly justified in terms of program content. Products are not to be displayed prominently or for longer than is reasonable in terms of shot length and camera movement. The CCSB made its decision after soliciting opinions from over 40 different organizations, including advertisers, broadcasters, television producers, and consumer groups. CCSB Chairman Yoram Mokady said that this was the first time viewers would be directly informed and protected about advertising and product placement. "After a long debate, we've put together guidelines that will regulate this complicated issue," Mokady said. "The regulations, which are only relevant for the Jewish stations, strike a balance between the need to allow product placement in order to gain vital financing, and the need to protect creative content," he explained.