Suspended CIU head attempts suicide

Asst.-Cmdr. was questioned for allegedly taking bribes, sexual harassment. (photo credit: )
(photo credit: )
Asst.-Cmdr. Yossi Boker, the suspended head of the central district's Central Investigative Unit (CIU) was evacuated to Assaf Harofe hospital following an attempted suicide on Tuesday. He was released from the hospital after being treated for swallowing a large amount of pills. He was forced to take a leave of absence from his top post recently after the Police Investigations Unit launched a probe against him in September for allegedly taking bribes and for sexual harassment. Boker was questioned back in August by the Justice Ministry's Internal Affairs Department regarding allegations he sexually harassed his secretary. Boker had been released after several hours of interrogation and was ordered not to return to his senior and sensitive post. The CIU handles most of the district's criminal investigations. This was not the first sexual harassment accusation against Boker throughout his police career. In 1993, Boker faced a disciplinary board after he stroked a secretary's hair at the Ramle police station. He was fined several hundred shekels. Boker, from Ashdod, previously served as chief of police in Lod where he initiated the Green Island drug operation during which police arrested dozens of local drug lords and have drastically lowered the level of crime in the Lod area.