TA apartment in danger of collapse

14 families evacuated from leaning building; flood victims rescued in boats.

Residents of a building in the Kiryat Shalom neighborhood in south Tel Aviv were evacuated Friday afternoon due to a concern that the three-story building was on the verge of collapse. The Tel Aviv municipality later said that they would provide funds for emergency lodging for the fourteen families that were evacuated. Cracks and structural breaches were discovered in the building which had begun to list to one side. Emergency rescue services were called to the location. Tel Aviv police said that the city engineer had declared the building unfit for human occupation. On Thursday evening, damage complaints were filed throughout the country as a result of the precipitation levels throughout the past few days. In the Argazim neighborhood of Tel Aviv, a large number of houses were inundated. In one incident, residents were rescued from their houses by emergency rescue teams in boats.
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