TA beach murder suspect apologizes

Jamil Ades, charged with killing Arik Karp, begs widow's forgiveness.

Karp 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Karp 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Jamil Ades, one of three men charged for the August 2009 killing of Arik Karp at Tel Baruch beach, said that he was sorry for his actions and begged the victim's family for forgiveness on Wednesday.
Ades, 25, made the comments prior to entering Tel Aviv District Court where he was scheduled to testify in the murder trial against him.
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Karp's widow Sarah refused to forgive Ades, stating that he and his accomplices killed her husband in cold blood.
Jamil Ades as well as his brother Abed and a 17-year-old minor are currently on trial for Karp's murder.
According to the indictments, the 3 suspects from Jaljulya met up at Tel Baruch beach at 11 p.m. on Friday evening, August 14. They sat on the beach and began drinking alcohol.
Karp, together with his wife, Sarah and his daughter, Anataliya, arrived at the beach at about the same time and sat down on a bench.
The minor left the group and walked off alone. He ran into the Karp family and started baiting them by asking the father to fix him up with one of the women.
The family started to move away, but the minor called and asked Jamil and Abed Ades to come quickly. They arrived almost immediately: one grabbed Sarah Karp and threw her down on the sidewalk while the other seized Anataliya. Both women managed to run away and the assailants turned their attention to Karp, "attacking him together by kicking and beating him severely all over his body.
They rained down a series of hard punches on his face, head and upper body and forcefully kicked him in his head and ribs. Even after Karp was lying on the ground, they continued to attack him and did not heed his pleas to stop."