TA District Court sentences pedophile to 25 years in prison

The Tel Aviv District Court handed down a sentence of 23 years in prison to a Jaffa man who was convicted on multiple counts of sodomy and sexual abuse of minors. The man, who worked as a counselor at a Beit Midrash at the time of the assaults, admitted to having abused nine children whose aged ranged from 8 to 13, between the years 2004-2006. "Their innocence was stolen from them," the three judges presiding over the case said when announcing their verdict. "Their first concept of sexual relations that [these children] experienced was distorted, and will probably harm them in the future." Due to the severity of his crimes, the prosecution had demanded that the court impose a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison. According to the indictment, the man would sodomize and molest his victims after they arrived at school, and even perform oral sex on them. However, the man's attorney argued for leniency, saying that the his client had no prior offenses.