Tal Mor indicted for manslaughter

Hit-and-run driver had reportedly consumed 14 drinks before driving.

Tal Mor was indicted on Wednesday for manslaughter, abandonment and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, in the killing 43-year-old Shneor Heshin in a hit-and-run incident.
Mor, a resident of a Kfar Baruch in the Yizrael Valley, was driving on Route 444 near the Kesem interchange, in the Rosh Ha'ayin area, last month. After taking a sharp turn, he apparently crashed into Heshin, who was riding his bicycle on the designated lane.
Police: Tal Mor was driving between 130-150 km/h
Friend of hit-and-run suspect, Tal Mor, arrested
According to the charge sheet, Mor smoked hashish, went to three different pubs, and drank beer, whiskey and arak before driving. Court reports detailed that the suspect drank six beers and seven cups of arak, as well as a glass of whiskey.
After the accident, Mor drove home to Kfar Baruch and covered his car's shattered windshield. He called his insurance agent and said he had hit a tree.
It was alleged that Mor had not slept in 18 hours, and had smoked hashish earlier, in addition to consuming large quantities of alcohol.
Mor was speeding at 126 kilometers per hour when he hit Heshin.
When the 26-year-old turned on the news on June 18, and heard that 43-year-old Shneor Heshin had been killed in a hit-and-run car accident, he did not realize that he was the one who had caused it.
When eyewitness accounts started pouring into police headquarters, Mor said, he realized the facts all pointed to him.

The driver later told Haifa police he did not realize at the time that he had hit a person, but rather thought he hit a safety barrier. An initial investigation, however, showed that Mor may have dragged Heshin across the road. The rider’s gear was found strewn on the ground.
When reports of Heshin’s death began to surface, Mor realized he had been driving on the road mentioned in the reports, but saw no indication that he had run over a man. “There was no blood on the car,” he told Channel 2. “I didn’t think it could be me.”
As the probe into the incident deepened, police discovered that Mor had a criminal record and that he had been interrogated in the past in connection with attacks on officers and drug-related offenses.
Heshin, a Tel Aviv resident and father of three, was the son of a prominent retired judge and the grandson of a former High Court justice. His funeral was set to take place on Sunday.