Tartman won't have to pay insurance company back

Hachsharat HaYishuv Insurance, the company that compensated Israel Beitenu MKEstherina Tartman following her injury in a traffic accident, will not, for the time being, ask her to pay the company back, according to the Internet news site NFC. The company paid Tartman NIS 1.5 million compensation after a Haifa court ruled that her accident would significantly impair her earning power. Tartman, who was a bank employee prior to becoming an MK, could work no more than four hours a day, the court ruled. Tartman recently said in the media that as an MK she was working "full time," and her recent appointment as tourism minister would force to work even more hours per day. Eli Elezra, current head of Hachsharat HaYishuv, said the company had no desire to create a scandal and therefore there were no plans to ask Tartman to pay back the money. He added, however, that as Hachsharat HaYishuv was publicly traded, the company could be in a position where it would be obligated to demand the money back to protect the interests of share holders.