Teen girl fabricates rape, suicide story

The 14-year-old girl wanted to test "awareness" of the local authorities.

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rape 88
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A 14-year-old Kfar Saba girl, along with her friends, told an internet chat room Wednesday that she was raped by her father and planned to kill herself. A Dimona resident, who was in the chat room at the time, notified police of the disconcerting message. However, police investigators, who were sent to her home, discovered that the girl had fabricated the story and had no intention of actually killing herself. In fact, the girl was already known to the city's child welfare authorities. According to Israel Radio, the girl, who was questioned by police Thursday morning, apparently wanted to test the "awareness" of the local authorities. In the second case, a 15-year-old girl from Ra'anana left a message on a website for youths at risk, in which she expressed her intention to kill herself by swallowing pills. Employees at the youth center then informed police of the message. The officers went to the girl's home, and found that she had already swallowed eight pills. She was evacuated to hospital for treatment and police opened an investigation into the incident. It was not clear what type of pills the girl swallowed, or what her reason for trying to commit suicide was. After her condition stabilized and she was no longer in danger of a drug overdose, she was taken for a psychological evaluation. Speaking to Israel Radio Thursday afternoon, an officer from the police's national negotiations unit said that police had managed to save 11 people under similar circumstances since the beginning of the year by reaching them at their homes through their internet address, in cooperation with the internet service providers.