Terror shipment seized in Ashdod

Goods worth thousands of dollars were used to fund Jihad, Hamas activity.

ashdod port 88 (photo credit: )
ashdod port 88
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Defense sources revealed Sunday that thirty-one containers of goods worth thousands of dollars used to fund Hamas and Islamic Jihad activities were seized by customs authorities and security forces at the Ashdod sea port on Thursday. The company, owned by Khan Younis businessman Faiz Abu Akka - who purchased the goods from abroad, was outlawed by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz. Mofaz signed the seizure order on November 1 last year, after the company was discovered to have ties to terror organizations. Details released by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) on Sunday, revealed that a probe launched by the Shin Bet, Israel Police and customs officials found that Abu Akka's company violated the order and continued operating despite Mofaz's ruling. According to the Shin Bet, over a period of years, Abu Akka transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods to Islamic Jihad and Hamas operatives to finance their terror activities. Using his business as a front, Abu Akka ordered goods from suppliers abroad. Those suppliers were paid directly by Hamas and Islamic Jihad headquarters abroad. The goods were then sent to Gaza where, after deducting costs and a percentage for his troubles, Abu Akka would then transfer the funds to the terror groups. By utilizing Abu Akka, Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives were able to evade detection of the transferring of funds to bank accounts in the territories. On November 13 last year, the Shin Bet revealed that security officials had seized containers at the Ashdod port that belonged to Abu Akka that were used to fund terror activities. Abu Akka and a number of other suspects were arrested by security officials shortly after the raid.