Terror suspect hides bomb in lamb

Explosive thought to planned for W. Bank attack; rocket strikes Sderot kindergarten.

lamb bomb 298.88 (photo credit: IDF)
lamb bomb 298.88
(photo credit: IDF)
A 10-kilogram bomb hidden inside the carcass of a lamb was discovered Monday by IDF troops south of the West Bank village of Salim. The bomb was discovered on the side of the road and Central Command sources said they believed it was intended to be used against the nearby settlements of Itamar or Elon Moreh. Meanwhile Monday, a Kassam rocket struck a kindergarten in Sderot, causing damage but no injuries. Earlier in the day, three Kassams fell near communities in the western Negev. No one was wounded. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded Monday morning during clashes in Nablus, where troops from the Paratrooper's Brigade arrested a senior Hamas terrorist. The use of the lamb carcass on Monday was not the first time that Palestinian terrorists have rigged animals with explosives. In 2003, a donkey loaded with explosives blew up as a bus passed on the road from Jerusalem to Gush Etzion. In 2001, a Palestinian drove a donkey cart laden with explosives toward a group of soldiers. At the last minute he jumped off the cart and detonated the bombs that exploded only partially. The cart had been loaded with four gas canisters, two mines, a bag of oil and a bag of nails.