Thanks to 'Post', Ethiopian man to fulfill dream

Thanks to a Jerusalem Post report on the financial struggles of an Ethiopian immigrant striving to improve his situation in Israel, the father of seven will now be able to live out his dream of becoming a teacher in his new homeland. Last month, Sileshi Mengistu, 44, described to the Post how financial difficulties last summer led to his being late in paying the deposit for his course in elementary education at the David Yellin College. This meant that he did not receive the paperwork he needed to apply for scholarships offered to Ethiopian immigrants in time. Due to his age, the college's student department could not secure him a loan, either. Following the story in the Post, an anonymous donor wrote out and signed a check for $1200 to cover the costs of Mengistu's studies this year. This will put him in a better position to apply for a grant for next year's fees. "It is extremely difficult learning and working at the same time, as well as raising a family," said Mengistu, who, in order to make ends meet, works evenings as a security guard at the absorption center in Mevasseret Zion and at the nearby mall. He also works full-time at the Gevanim Center for Community Diversity, running a special program for Ethiopian fathers in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. "Thanks to the generosity of this donor, I have now succeeded in my goal to finish my education," said Mengistu.