The indictment against Anat Kamm

A. The facts
1. From August 2005 until June 2007, in the context of her military service, the accused served in the bureau of OC Central Command as a clerk in the bureau. In April 2006, she began serving as assistant to the head of the bureau.
2. In the context of her work, the accused was exposed to many classified presentations and documents in varying degrees of security secrecy, which originated in different branches of the General Staff, in the bureau of the chief of staff and the various divisions in the command. The contents of the documents included various plans for military operations, summaries of various meetings in the IDF, the deployment of IDF units, including battle orders, summaries of IDF investigations, IDF situational reports, various IDF aims and so on (hereafter the documents and presentations).
3.a. During her service, the accused gathered the documents and presentations in a special file and, on the eve of her release from the IDF, in May 2007 or thereabouts, she copied the contents of the file onto two discs, one for documents and the other for presentations.
3.b. The accused did so for ideological reasons with the intention of harming state security, by, among other things, having the documents published.
4.a. After copying the material, the accused took the discs and brought the disc of documents to her home, although she was not authorized to do so.
4.b. In June 2007 or thereabout, she copied the disc of documents onto her portable IBM computer at home.
4.c. The disc of documents contained more than 2,000 documents, including 700 documents classified as “top secret” or “secret.”
4.d. All the documents as detailed in the list of documents in the top secret appendix are attached to this indictment.
5. In the summer of 2008, the accused offered the documents in her possession to the journalist Yossi Yehoshua. However, the transfer of the documents to Yossi Yehoshua did not take place.
6. In September 2008 or thereabout, the accused, without legal authorization and with the intent of harming state security, gave the journalist Uri Blau a great number of documents, including many classified as “top secret” and “secret.”
7. After handing over the documents to Blau, she spoke with him an unknown number of times in order to give him, without legal authorization and with the intention of harming state security, explanations regarding the documents she gave him, including explanations about the names of operations and targets, operational codes, dates and so on.
8. With the aid of the information revealed in some of the documents, which the accused gave to Blau, Blau published a number of reports in the newspaper Haaretz beginning in November 2008.
9. By the acts described above, the accused collected, held in her possession for two years and handed over classified information, without being authorized to do so and all with the intent of harming state security.
The accused is charged with:
1. Aggravated espionage, delivering secret information with intent to harm state security.
2. Aggravated espionage, collection and possession of secret information with intent to harm state security.
Translated by: Dan Izenberg