'This government must be toppled'

National Union chairman MK Zvi Hendel to 'Post': "This government is corrupt."

hendel zvi portrait 298 (photo credit: www.knesset.gov.il)
hendel zvi portrait 298
(photo credit: www.knesset.gov.il)
Amid preparations for the upcoming Knesset session, the first he will attend since being evacuated during the disengagement, National Union chairman MK Zvi Hendel said Sunday that his goal was clear: to bring down Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government. "This government is corrupt and must be toppled," Hendel told The Jerusalem Post. "The government should be thrown off the face of the earth." Hendel made headlines during the disengagement by refusing to leave his Ganei Tal home in the Gush Katif settlement bloc in the Gaza Strip. The Post reported in February that Hendel, the only MK who lived in Gaza, had quietly appointed a legal team to investigate the feasibility of moving settlements, including his own, to beachfront property inside the Green Line. However, Hendel later denied any such plans, and said that he had still not made any moves to purchase property. Now, he lives alongside the rest of his community in a hotel in Kibbutz Hafetz Haim, approximately 10 kilometers east of Ashdod. A new home, he said, was too far in the future to be able to speak of. For now, he said, he would wait for a caravan in the kibbutz. He has petitioned the government to create a new beachside community for the former settlers of Ganei Tal, but his requests, he said, have gone unanswered. "The government was willing to throw the settlers to the dogs. It threw the settlers into hotels, and did not give most of them reparations," said Hendel. "I don't want to be a cry baby, but the nation of Israel needs to look in the mirror and say, 'This is my government. What will I do to rid myself of it?'" To do his part, Hendel said he would oppose every bill brought before the Knesset as long as it meant overthrowing the current administration. "I will vote against the budget," Hendel said. "My problem is with the government, and the budget is just another way to topple the government." Hendel added that he will also try convincing MKs to join him in an anti-Sharon coalition. Since disengagement, Hendel said he has felt lost and disconnected from the government in which he serves. "In my home, in Ganei Tal, I was farther from the government building," said Hendel, referring to the distance he would drive to attend Knesset sessions. "Now I am physically closer, but mentally much farther away." The National Union rejects the idea of a Palestinian state on ideological, historic and security grounds, and supports the annexation of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip into Israel.