Three arrested in attack on Beduin soldier

Three people were arrested by Israel Police on Sunday morning in connection with the brutal attack on Friday night that left 20-year-old Beduin soldier Jalal Tawili fighting for his life in a Haifa hospital. The three, a 17-year-old Kiryat Motzkin resident, an 18-year-old resident of Kiryat Yam and a resident of Kiryat Haim, 26, reportedly attacked Tawili after he and his brother Hamoudi, accompanied a Jewish girl with whom the two had socialized, back to her Kiryat Yam house. On the way back, the two brothers, residents of the Western Galilee village of Tamra, were attacked by local Jewish youths, apparently because they disapproved with the fact that the two were acquaintances of the girl. Tawili was struck in the head by a concrete block thrown from close range.