Three more dead in weekend crashes

This week witnessed nearly double the average number of car accidents.

car crash 88 (photo credit: )
car crash 88
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Wrapping up a week of vehicle-related fatalities nearly double the weekly national average, another three people were killed on the roads over the weekend, even as police took to the roads to apprehend some of the most dangerous traffic offenders. On Saturday afternoon, two eighteen year olds were arrested under suspicion of involvement of a crash that killed 22-year-old Sa'adia Abdel Neam, a resident of Besmat Tivon. One of the two, a resident of Kiryat Ata, is suspected of driving without a license and under the influence of alcohol. She is also suspected of leaving Neam dead or dying at the scene of the collision. Police initially thought that Neam lost control of the Peugeot in which he was found on Road 762, between Ibtin and Nofit at Tivon Junction after the vehicle overturned, hit an electrical box, and then was thrown to the side of the road by the force of the collision. Neam was pronounced dead on the scene as traffic investigators searched for clues as to what cause the crash. Later Saturday, investigators released the surprising news that Neam was apparently not driving the vehicle at the time of the collision. A day earlier and a few dozen kilometers away, two people were killed in a collision on Highway 75, a kilometer-and-a-half before Yagur Junction. Traffic inspectors' initial investigation indicated that a Daihatsu driving in the right lane of the road was passed on the right hand shoulder by a Volvo. As a result of an apparent collision, the Volvo was thrown into a ditch on the side of the road, and broke in half. Another vehicle that was passing the Daihatsu on the left was not hit. The Volvo's driver, 22-year-old Ibrahim Agbariyah, and 21-year-old Adam Agbariyah, a passenger in the vehicle, both residents of Umm el-Fahm, were killed, and two other passengers were hospitalized in moderate condition. Also in the Haifa area, traffic police arrested two drivers Friday night in two instances of exceptionally reckless driving. In the first, an 18-year-old driver was caught driving 148 kilometers per hour in a zone marked for 70 km/h on busy Dereh Haganah. Shortly afterwards, police nabbed a 30-year-old Haifa resident driving on Dereh Bar Yehudah - also marked at 70 km/h - driving at 140 km/s. Both drivers' licenses were suspended for 30 days. On Saturday afternoon, during a routine patrol, police from the Afula Station arrested a teenage resident of Zalfa, who, upon being pulled over, immediately switched places with the passenger riding next to him. The teen admitted to driving without a license, and was arrested. Police later discovered that only one year ago, the youth was convicted of a similar offense. The vehicle which the youth was driving was impounded for 30 days in accordance with the new law that went into effect a week ago Thursday, allowing police to automatically impound vehicles whose drivers commit serious traffic violations.