Timeline of an escape

Thursday evening: Convicted serial rapist Benny Sela is transferred from Eshel Prison, where he is serving a 35-year, nine-month sentence for multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, to Nitzan Detention facility in advance of an alleged court date in Tel Aviv Friday morning. Friday morning, 8:10: Sela is handed over to the custody of two Tel Aviv District policemen from the prisoners' transport unit 8:30: The police officers arrive with Sela at the Labor Court only to discover that the court does not hold hearings on Friday. The police officers decide to take him to the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court while determining what to do with him. Upon arriving at the courthouse on Rehov Weitzman, the two police officers park the transport vehicle in the walled courtyard, and begin to accompany Sela and the second prisoner into the building. Sela tells one of the guards that he has left a personal item in the vehicle, and one policeman accompanies him back toward the vehicle. When they walk back outside, Sela rushes past his guard, sprints to the wall and climbs over the 2.1 meter high, barbed-wire topped barrier. 8:55 a.m.: Police declare Sela to be an escaped prisoner. 11:00: Police confirm reports that they have found Sela's prison-issue pants after concerned citizens alert them to a central Tel Aviv park, where they have seen a man changing clothes.