'Toys 'R' Them' Canadians deliver toys to North

Children of Nahariya and Shlomi, who have spent the past 12 days in municipal and private bomb shelters, were dealt a generous surprise Monday when they received a shipment of toys to the value of NIS 225,000. The initiative was that of Canadian philanthropist Gerry Schwartz, his wife Heather Riesman and the international Toys 'R' Us manufacturer and chain. "This war, which has been thrust on Israel and Jews everywhere, challenges Israel's right to exist in security," Schwartz told The Jerusalem Post Monday, just hours before the truck filled with toys was set to arrive in the northern communities. "My donation is a modest token, an act of solidarity with children of the North who are suffering in the bomb shelters," he continued. The toys were to be delivered from the Toy 'R' Us warehouse in Shfayim to the bomb shelters under the auspices of Nahariya Mayor Jacki Sabag and Shlomi Mayor Gabi Naaman. Schwartz and Riesman are the founders of the Heseg Foundation, which grants scholarships to lone soldiers upon completion of military service for study at Israeli institutions of higher education.