Tragedy hits Mumbai attack family again

Grandchild of Chabad family patriarch severely burned in fire.

candle-lit vigil mumbai 298 ap (photo credit: AP)
candle-lit vigil mumbai 298 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Just under two years after his daughter and son-in-law were murdered by terrorists as they served as Chabad emissaries in Mumbai, tragedy has again struck the family of Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg.
According to a report in Yediot Aharonot, Haim Eliezer Galprin, the six-year-old son of Rosenberg’s daughter Dvori was severely burned in a recent fire that broke out in the child’s home in Kiryat Malachi.
The family was sleeping when the fire broke out. The children woke up, and all but Lazer, as he is known, were able to escape the flames. The three other children roused their mother, who heard the anguished cries of her little boy, but was unable to reach him.
Other people came to the rescue, and somehow managed to extract the child from the burning building.
Dvori Galprin did not know how to impart the news to her father who had already suffered a traumatic experience with the loss of his daughter Rivka and Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg.
Rosenberg is raising his grandson Moishie, who survived the terrorist attack and was rescued by his nanny Sandra Samuel, who came with him to Israel. Moishie is not quite four-years-old.
Since the deaths of his parents, hundreds of Chabad newborns have been named Rivka and Gavriel, and dozens of Torah scrolls have been written in the couple’s memory.
Rosenberg heard the news about Lazer from one of his sons who drove him to the hospital. It will take at least two years for Lazer to recover.
He has already undergone several skin grafts and will require more in the months ahead.
The child’s father has taken him to the US for further treatment, and Dvori is making plans to join them with her other children.
Meanwhile, Dvori’s sisters are taking turns to stay with her.
The cost of hospitalization in the US is enormous, in addition to which the family will have living expenses.
An appeal on their behalf has been mounted by Haverim LeRefuah, which can be contacted at 03-577-7666 or via its Web site ( The fund has been established in the name of Haim Eliezer Galprin and donations should be earmarked as such.