Truck driver killed near Ramallah

Man identified as Oded Laniado, 55. Police still uncertain on motive.

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Police are investigating the death of Jewish truck driver Oded Laniado, 55, a father of four, whose body was found on Monday in the Palestinian village of Shukba, near Ramallah. Laniado's body was discovered by another truck driver who stopped when he saw an empty truck, which had been left by the roadside with its engine running and doors open. The truck driver then called security forces to the area. Police had initially suspected that Laniado had been stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist, but shifted the direction of their investigation as the day wore on toward the theory that Laniado had been killed in a work-related accident involving a cable from his truck. That theory was supported by the fact that as of press time, no terrorist group had claimed responsibility for Laniado's death. Police said they were also investigating the possibility that the incident was crime related. All possibilities are under investigation, a police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. Haimom Blumenfeld, the secretary of the Samaria settlement Sha'arei Tikva, where Laniado lived with his wife and four daughters aged four to 16, said he was shocked by the news. "It is a loss for the entire community," said Blumenfeld. He was the kind of man who was very involved in the community and was always willing to help people, Blumenfeld said. "He had a smile for everyone."