Two PRC members killed in IAF strike

IDF confirms that airforce fired at a car in the Jebaliya refugee camp.

Gaza Airstike (photo credit: AP [file])
Gaza Airstike
(photo credit: AP [file])
An Israel Air Force jet fired missiles into a car traveling in northern Gaza City Monday evening, killing Majdi Hamed, 24, and Eiman Assiylia, 26, both senior militants from the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Three others were wounded when three missiles slammed into the vehicle as it traveled outside the Jabalya refugee camp, Palestinian security officials reported. The identities of the three were unconfirmed. IDF officials confirmed the strike, saying that Hamed played a central role in the April 26 attempted car bombing and shooting attack at the Karni crossing into Israel. Hamed was also involved, along with Fatah terrorists, in a second attempt to perpetrate a shooting attack at the crossing on December 15, 2005. Both attacks were thwarted by Palestinian Security Forces guarding the terminal. The PRC, which were formed shortly after the intifada began in 2000, comprise of renegades from several militias, including Fatah, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In April of this year, Jamal Abu Samhadanah, the overall commander of the PRC in the Gaza Strip, was appointed to a senior post in the Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry, which is formally responsible for the Palestinian security forces. The PRC is behind several mortar and rocket attacks into Israel, military sources have said. In the West Bank, a border policeman was stabbed in the hand by a Palestinian near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron Monday afternoon. The policeman was lightly wounded and received treatment at the scene. The attacker was apprehended and taken in for interrogation. Hours later, two Palestinians were wounded when border policemen shot at their car after they tried to run through the Eshkol checkpoint outside of Hebron, Zaka reported. One of the Palestinians was wounded moderately and was evacuated to the Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheeba. The second was lightly injured, according to the Zaka report. Overnight Sunday, IDF forces arrested an 11 fugitives in West Bank operations. Five Fatah Tanzim operatives and five Hamas members were arrested north of Ramallah. An Islamic Jihad operative was nabbed near Hebron. Early Monday, gunmen opened fire at IDF forces operating in Jenin. Two explosive devices were also detonated near the troops, who responded with gunfire. No injuries or damage were reported and three Islamic Jihad fugitives were arrested in the course of the operation. Soldiers discovered a 20-kilogram explosive device placed Basor stream near the Gaza Strip security fence Monday. Later, troops uncovered a a second bomb in the same area. Sappers carried out a controlled explosion on both devices.